like it has never been me.
Act, drama.
I am who I want to be.
I play what I want to play.
Play as a women and act like a man.
I am what you wish,
I am what I wish.
I perform you and myself.
That is how we are here.
Waiting in acceptance to
break the spell.”

Mercédesz  Szakács: I am who I want to be

“The power in what we do is that you are the presence with undivided attention. There are no predetermined rules. You do not know who is going to move in the next moment, you do not know how the other will handle the emotion what is coming from you. I think the theatre has huge power because it is totally like life.”

Krisztina Polgári

“For me this is a very hard self-discovery. I can live and bring up my real self and ridden emotions here I wouldn’t be able to show elsewhere. After I can integrate them to my life. If I can exceed the limits here there are no more barriers outside either.”

Anna Bényi